Laugh Uncontrollably for Entertainment, Health & Peace

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Laughter for Everyone

DubPuppet is a patented high-end toy for adults, and children. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. And so is DubPuppet.

DubPuppet will launch on KickStarter in early 2019. While puppets will be sold for about $100 retail – over 50,000 puppets will go to charity. Children with cancer, wounded veterans, and families of fallen police offers will receive puppets for free under joint agreements with legitimate charity organizations and corporate sponsorships. Additional charity would include our goal that every city DYFS division have DupPuppet in thier possession to calm children during domestic violence situations.

Now get ready to meet the sweetest little hand puppet you have ever witnessed. DubPuppet will feel alive as you and puppet become one. DubPuppet is so realistic you will swear a real live animal was transplanted to the end of your arm. Each puppet will produce at least 30 unique sounds for its vocabulary with complex variations that will make the puppet feel alive.

You will experience his personality using dual XYZ accelerometers formed into sensor fusion with real time synthesized sounds as you join your gestures with his motions. DubPuppet will be fun and friendly for the purpose of instilling laughter into everyone. For entertainment, health and peace, DubPuppet will be yours to keep forever.

And so our mission, with this high-end toy - is to induce laughter for reducing stress, enticing compromise, increasing the immune system, lower tension, and making people happy.

The Team

Highly expereince

From Derek Osenenko's managment expereince, Gerald Celente's reputation and respect world wide, to Luther Quick's exprience as a technologist - this team will deliver a viral experience powered by laughter that will instil happiness into everyone.

Team Member

Luther Günther Quick III


Team Member

Gerald Celente


Team Member

Derek Osenenko


The Puppets

Working Prototypes

DubPuppet prototypes have so far included 4 generations of hardware design with rigorous sensor optimization and several generations of embedded software development.

The final prototypes have proven hardware, software, sensors, plastics and fabric designs.

Our current puppets only include dogs, however immediatly after the KickStarter launch we will include a variety of animals. An entire zoo will include horses, cats, ducks, goats, mice and potentially almost any animal including licensed animals from successful movies.

Prototyping with comprehensive testing and manufacturing optimization will be maintained to insure quality and yet avoid obsolescence.

And yes, DubPuppet is Made In America

Puppet Videos

Watch them here

DubPuppet video demonstrating the puppets will be placed here as the KickStarter launch aproaches. Check back soon or register below for notifactions.

Soon you will whitness DubPuppets make the following sounds:
1. Barking
2. Dog talk
3. Howling Wolf
4. Kissing when tapping your face
5. Blow Kiss in air
6. Licking when rubbed on your face
7. Sniffing
8. Snoring
9. Gargling
10. Barfing
11. Sneezing
12. Coughing
13. Spitting
14. Panting
15. Drinking and Eating
16. Bite and Growl when clamped on someones arm
17. Teeth Snapping
18. Hiccups
19. Yawning
20. Cry, Whimper and Begging
21. Farting
22. Peeing
23. Deep Breathing
24. Body twisting
25. Grunting
26. Hissing and Laughing
27. Licking chops
28. Burping
29. Dizzy
30. Weeeeee

Note: All sounds are synthesized in real-time


Our Newsletter

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Get in Touch

DubPuppet's office is located in Hackettstown New Jersey.

DubPuppet LLC
20 Newburgh Road
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Office: 1+(908) 852 3910

This site will also be the location for manufacturing, distrubution and fullfilment of all puppets.
DubPuppet is Made In America DubPuppet Manufacturing